Swordmaster's Youngest Son – Chapter 15: Truth Revealed?

Chapter 15: Truth Revealed?

A tense mood filled the air.

Sweat could be seen dripping down peoples necks.

Having dealt with the impostors, the Black King Mercenaries ended up becoming Jins new escorts. However, the escorts couldnt help but hold their breaths around their client. Now that the Yuta magicians had returned on their own, the mercenaries were the only ones left to take care of the terrifying kid.

What kind of a 10-year-old boy acts like this?

The vice-captain of the Black King Mercenaries 3rd Corps asked himselfa question that all his men were also thinking.

The Black King Mercenaries! They are veteran warriors who can turn the tables on the battlefield. Bloodshed, broken bones, burnt skin! Nothing can stop these battle-scarred soldiers.

The sight of prisoners being mercilessly tortured and murdered is a daily occurrence to these men. Watching Jin order Gilly to kill the fake Jerome and Holtz in a bloody manner was nothing new to them.

Nevertheless, these vicious mercenaries were wary of Jin due to his age.

Where else would they ever find a 10-year-old behaving this way towards their assassin? Even though he was a Runcandel, he was merely a kid who had just left the Storm Castle and entered the world.

In fact, their senses were warning them to be extremely careful with Jin when they saw him give Gilly orders. His speech and behaviour werent those of a child, not to mention his method of disposal of the surviving assassin.

The mercenaries could only see Jin as a Runcandel overlordwho just happened to be somewhat short in height.

We mustnt make the slightest mistake until we successfully escort him to the transfer gate. Any frivolous or superficial behaviour is absolutely prohibited, do you understand?

Yes, Vice-captain Murka.

The Black King Mercenariesknown for their rough and boorish behaviourwere acting like dignified gentlemen. They were all standing stiff and nervous, as if they were wearing tight, uncomfortable clothes.

However, they werent acting like this solely due to their fear of the child known as Jin Runcandel. There was also a hint of admiration and fascination in their eyes towards this dangerous boy.

Young Master.

While Jin was kicking the snow away as he walked, Gilly called out to him. She was wearing a calm expression and tone, but the boy caught the slight melancholic look that lasted for an instant.

Well reach the village in about two hours. Once we arrive, it would be best to wait for the snowfall to die down before continuing our journey.

Lets do that.

Jin brushed off the snow piling on his shoulder.

Oh, Gilly?

Yes, Young Master?

Dont worry about what happened. It wasnt your fault.

Jin truly believed so in his heart. Even Khan hadnt noticed that Jerome and Holtz were impostors back at the Storm Castle, so there was no way Gilly wouldve.

In addition, the fact that Jin knew better about the guardian knights rules than his nanny wasnt much of a problem either. At the very least, Jin didnt think so. Yet, Gilly was still dwelling on this incident.

I apologize.

Once he heard her reply, Jin wore a bitter smile as he recalled some memories.

Gilly never makes excuses.

She never brings up justifications such as Ive lost my touch from spending ten peaceful years at the Storm Castle or I was feeling under the weather, which dulled my senses.

In my first life Gilly was the same, always apologizing for something that wasnt her fault. Made me feel sorry for her. All the torment she mustve gone through

Before his regression, the only person within the clan who unconditionally cared for Jin was Gilly. When Jin was banished, her life took a terrible turn and she became miserable. Nevertheless, Gilly never blamed her Young Master.

Even when her 7-star aura was sealed and she was kicked out of the clan with Jin, she repeated the same sentence as today.

I apologize.

Once we return to the main house, I shall accept any punishment for

Enough. I told you not to worry about it, didnt I? Its an order.

Gilly lowered her head.

I understand.

You may be my nanny, but youre also my lone guardian knight right now. If you continue brooding over a minor mistake which doesnt bother me, you wont be able to protect me to the fullest extent. I hope I wont have to repeat myself.

Jin didnt want to talk to Gilly in such an overbearing manner, but it was the only way to get her to listen.

In this life, it was his turn to protect his nanny. Even if Jin had to act cold-blooded at times, he had to make sure the harsh reality wouldnt crush her kind and warm heart. It was the boys turn to lead his nanny to a better life.

Your wish is my command, Young Master.

Gilly answered as she bit her lower lip. She was aware that Jins indifferent tone was due to his goodwill towards her.

Why did such a bright and intelligent young master have to get stuck with a dull and slow nanny like me? I should come to my senses and make sure no other troublesome matters bother the young master today.

Becoming a person worthy of the young master!

As she made a pledge to herself, Gilly tightened her fist and raised her head. Feeling relieved by her resolute face, Jin began to think about the assassins.

The fake Jerome and Holtz.

They were part of a radical group of Zipfel followers and had perfectly disguised themselves, fooling everyone at the Storm Castle.

It was impossible to create such a perfect disguise with magic. Transformation was a special privilege granted only to dragons, and even with that power, it was impossible to perfectly replicate and imitate another individual.

In that case, how did the assassins recreate the knights appearance without any imperfections?

Once they verified the deaths of the real Jerome and Holtz, the Runcandel main house immediately dispatched the Black King Mercenaries who were on standby in the Mitel Kingdom, and began to investigate the identities of the impostors.

However, Jin didnt expect them to discover anything. The entire world was crawling with followers of the Zipfel Clan. Blaming and executing them all would be impossible to achieve, both practically and politically.

Moreover, revealing the assassination attempt on Jin and arranging a search warrant around the world would be unfavourable to the Runcandels.

Therefore, the Runcandels will definitely do as usual. Theyll find a random group of Zipfel followers and punish them to make an example out of them, and instill fear in the others.

However, Jin already knew who the mastermind was.

Bouvard Gaston.

Technically speaking, he wasnt the mastermind but the culprit behind the excellent disguises.

According to Jins knowledge, Bouvard Gaston was the only person in this world who could successfully create a perfect transformation.

By the time Jin turned 20, Bouvards identity was revealed to the world. The Vermont Empire had dispatched a group of special forces in order to track down the unknown criminal behind the transformation crimes, and finally captured him after a 10-year pursuit.

Jin still remembered how the news about the transformation criminal Bouvard spread around the entire world in his first life.

In the future, people would come to learn about Bouvard. However, Jin was the only person who knew about him in his current life.

His perfect transformations would be quite useful to have. If I win Bouvard over and make use of his skills

But Jin then shook his head.

Hes a complete lunatic. When Bouvard was imprisoned in Vermont, he wouldnt stop proclaiming that hes an artist and no criminal. It would be best to get rid of him instead. At this point, hes already raised his blade against me.

Bouvard was an existence that only created chaos in the world. Chaos for the sake of chaos. That was his inspiration and artstyle.

Now that he had remembered everything terrible about this lunatic, Jin was starting to get a headache.

Fortunately, there was no need for Jin to spend years searching for Bouvard. He already knew that Bouvard was pretending to be an ordinary citizen, and remembered the location of the fragmented workshop the artist was managing.

We will arrive soon. If there is anything you need, please dont hesitate to tell my subordinates.

As soon as one of Jins escorts spoke to him, the morning sun began to rise.

Jin had a simple meal composed of soup and eggs at the inn, before taking a rest in his room. Despite having trained his magic, spiritual arts, and martial arts at the Storm Castle, walking under heavy snowfall for several hours was still an exhausting task for a childs body.

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November 2nd, 1790. 3 PM.

The heavy snowfall lasted until noon, but completely vanished soon afterwards as if it had never existed. Now, a certain black cat was meowing.

The cat was outside the 3rd floor window of an inn. Inside, it could see a certain boy quietly sleeping on the bed.

The adorable little feline raised its front paw and began tapping on the window. It didnt look any different from your ordinary cheerful cat.


Now awake, Jin sat up and rubbed his eyes. Having slept for several hours, his body now felt as light as a feather.

Meow~ Meow!

Noticing the change, the cat was now violently scratching the glass with both its front paws, as if it wanted to desperately get inside.


Seeing the cats behaviour, a short snicker escaped the boys mouth. Who would ever imagine that this ultra-adorable cat was actually the Great Black Dragon Murakan?

Damn so cute. Should I tease him a bit?

Jins playfulness had activated. He feigned ignorance and grabbed the cup of warm water next to his bed, when suddenly

Hissss! Hiiissssss!

Murakan began to get impatient and irritated. Jin realized that if he continued, it would soon be a bother to pacify the angry cat. He then stopped his taunt and opened the window.

I-I get it. I get it. I was just joking around, no need to get so mad


Murakan instantly transformed back into a human and did a faceplant on the floor.


A heavy sound shook the room, and the nannywho was on standby next to the doorimmediately rushed inside.

Young Master!


As soon as the unknown human on the floor entered her vision, she swiftly took out her claw. It was already covered in a layer of abyssal blue, ready to engage the enemy.

We **ed up. God, why

It was all over. An unexpected situation had completely foiled his plans, and put him between a rock and a hard place

Before Jin and Murakan could utter any word, Gilly shot towards the man lying on the floor and pressed her claw against his nape.

Who sent you?! Speak before I tear you to shreds and slice you into a thousand pieces!

She mistakenly believed that Murakan was an assassin. There was not a single speck of hesitation in her mind.

As he stood agape, Jin could feel something slowly escape his mouth. It was most probably his soul and his hope for the future


Please stay back, Young Master! He is an extremely skilled assassin. To think he sneaked into your room without a single trace of his presence!

It was not surprising that Gilly hadnt sensed Murakans presence despite standing guard in front of the room the entire time Jin was sleeping. Because moments ago, Murakan was merely a small cat.

In an instant, Jin came up with dozens of excuses he could use in order to deal with this unplanned situation peacefully.

None of them were good excuses.

Its impossible. Theres no way to handle this situation without telling her the truth.


Jin took in a deep breath before opening his mouth.

Gilly, that man isnt an assassin. Retract your claw.

The nannys eyes opened wide. She then swiftly stood up and took a few steps back. Murakan, who had his arm twisted backwards until a few moments ago, was now coughing and writhing on the floor.

Young Master, who is

Once youve apologized properly, greet him with respect. He is the clans guardian, Black Dragon Murakan.

Gilly couldnt believe her own ears.

This shabby-looking pathetic manwho was still grunting on the floorwas the Great Black Dragon Murakan? This man, who was still agonizing due to that small arm twist, was the clans guardian?

The reason Murakan was in so much pain wasnt due to Gillys overwhelming strength, but because of the side effects of his transformation. But there was no way Gilly would know that. In fact, even Jin wasnt told about these side effects.

After observing Jins expression, Gilly obediently followed his order.

As a lowly member of the Runcandel Clan, I have shown great disrespect to the clans guardian. Please have mercy on me.


Murakan flipped around and stared blankly at Gilly.

I forgive you my strawberry pie.

Strawberry pie!

As soon as she heard those words, Gilly finally realized the truth.

The reason why Jin was always craving for strawberry pies. The reason hed always go down the burrow in the Storm Castles backyard, and why hed always take those pies with him.

She had no definite proof, but her intuition had already come to a conclusion.


A gust of cold wind blew from the window. In the quiet winter air, the three individuals only exchanged awkward glances and stares.


Yes Young Master.

Ill tell you the entire truth, so could you close the door?


Once the deed was done, Jin began recounting and explaining his recent years spent at the Storm Castle. Although he didnt mention his regression, he did tell her about his transcription of the secret tomes and about his status as Solderets contractor.

Surprisingly, Gilly stayed calm and composed during Jins story. She did, however, nod intensely during the entire time.

So now, youre also an accomplice. I cannot let the clan know about Murakans awakening, nor about my connection with him yet.

Ill be in your care from now on, Strawberry Pie.

It was at this moment the informal group of three Runcandelscomposed of a nanny, a child, and a dragonwas formed.

Chapter end

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