Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 87 - Flame Blade Dance

Chapter 87 - Flame Blade Dance

Chapter 87 - Flame Blade Dance

Gentle Snow and Little Song started luring monsters from two sides. Before they even came close to the 30-yard range, the monsters discovered the two of them. The monsters eyes flashed a red glow, all of them turning their heads and staring at the intruders.

Alert! Alert! Intruders detected!

After the alarm rang out, all of the Mechanical Golems and Mechanical Warriors within a 40-yard radius were alerted. The surrounding Mechanical monsters locked onto the two players, and within a moment, the two were being chased by hundreds of Mechanical Golems and Mechanical Warriors.Zhao Yueru was secretly shocked at seeing this. Fortunately, she did not rashly act and lure the monsters. Otherwise, they would definitely party-wipe.Big Brother Black Flame, there wont be a problem luring the monsters in such a way, right? Zhao Yueru saw that Gentle Snow and Little Song were both being chased closely after by the Mechanical army. If they had not run away in time, they might have already been dead by now.

Relax. With the Speed Scroll in effect, these Mechanical monsters wont be able to catch up to them, Shi Feng said confidently.

After some time, as expected, not a single one of the Mechanical monsters caught up to the two. Everything happened just as Shi Feng predicted. After luring all the surrounding Mechanical monsters, the two of them circled the large, empty crater, while the Mechanical Golems and Mechanical Warriors chased them without stop.

The two of them were very adept at luring monsters. Within a short moment, they had merged the two waves of Mechanical monsters into a single wave.

Inwardly, Zhao Yueru was speechless. She, too, had a Speed Scroll. However, this item was just too expensive. Even if it was her party members, each of them only possessed one Speed Scroll for the purpose of saving their own lives. She never imagined that Shi Feng could easily take out two of them. Moreover, he was only using it to lure monsters. It was truly an extravagant use.However, it was true that, with this added Speed Scroll, the two of them were able to lure all of the monsters safely.

Now, though, the real problem had arrived. After luring so many monsters, how were they going to deal with them?

They did not possess any AOE magic, and even if they did, they would not dare to use it. Doing so would cause disorder to the control of Hatred, as their MT did not learn an advanced skill such as Crowd Mock. At that time, everyone would just die.

Shi Feng naturally knew the question everyone was thinking. However, he only revealed a mysterious smile as he walked forward.

In ten seconds, both of you lure all the monsters to the center, Shi Feng said in the party chat.

Understood, Gentle Snow answered.Finished speaking, Shi Feng took out a delicate, dark red scroll, then spreading it open in one go. Incantations were written throughout the inside of the scroll. Just the light coming from the incantations was enough to cause the fire mana in the surroundings to surge.

After seeing this, even an amateur would know that the item Shi Feng took out was not simple.

As an Elementalist, Zhao Yuerus face was filled with shock. Just what kind of Magic Scroll was this? The Magic Scrolls sold by the Magic Shops were definitely unable to create such a feat. Just the incantations alone were enough to cause the fire mana of the surrounding area to gather quickly, becoming incomparably violent.

Such a gathering of fire mana was even stronger than the Fire Dragons Roar she used by several times. If Shi Feng were to release it, who knew how strong it would be?At this moment, Shi Feng activated the Magic Scroll and pulled out the Abyssal Blade.

Suddenly, the fire mana collected above the Magic Scroll poured down like mercury, and streak after streak of flames over ten meters in length penetrated the Abyssal Blade. Magnificent flames then burst out of the Abyssal Blades form, suddenly transforming into a sword of flame. It faintly released the cry of a phoenix, resounding throughout the surroundings.

Naturally, everyone noticed such a vast and mighty power.

Nobody thought Shi Feng would actually still have such a hidden ace in the hole.

In fact, Shi Feng did not wish to use this Tier 2 Magic Scroll. He would have one less after every use. Moreover, Shi Feng had only harvested four such items from all of Moonlight Forest. Now that he had used one, he only had three remaining.

At this time, Gentle Snow and Little Song had already lured all of the Mechanical monsters to the central region of the crater. They then ran towards Shi Feng.

The Mechanical monsters were coming in closer and closer, 40 yards... 30 yards... 20 yards... 10 yards... However, Shi Feng had still not taken any action. He was only standing there, silently, with his hand holding the dazzling and burning-hot sword.

Just as Gentle Snow and Little Song ran past Shi Feng, Shi Feng abruptly took action, slashing out his burning blade.Tier 2 Magic, Flame Blade Dance!In the blink of an eye, Shi Fengs slash released countless crimson flames. The scorching flames were like an ocean, instantly swallowing the entire Mechanical army. The cone-shaped flames burned everything in a 60-yard distance to ash.

Even if the Mechanical Warriors had 3,000 HP, they were still unable to withstand the damage from this move as they all turned into a pile of scrap metal.Meanwhile, Shi Fengs experience abruptly increased by a large chunk, rising to 37% of Level 6. The other party members had also broken through from Level 5, one after another, all of them reaching Level 6. Their leveling speed was just too awesome.Everyones gazes then went towards the loot littering the ground, joy immediately rushing up to their heads. Shi Feng was just too awesome! He used a single move to kill Level 9 Elite monsters instantly. Although he depended on an external item to do so, being able to obtain such an item was still proof of his ability.

If they were to go through this process again several more times, they would be able to reach Level 10 at any minute!

At this moment, Gentle Snow, as well, was rejoicing at her choice to aid Shi Feng in his Quest. Just the EXP they obtained alone profited them big time.Big Brother Black Flame, what kind of Scroll did you use? It was actually so powerful, Zhao Yueru blinked her eyes at Shi Feng, asking curiously.

A Tier 2 Magic Scroll, Shi Feng casually said.Big Brother Black Flame, where can I buy it? Zhao Yueru was captivated by the this Magic Scroll after seeing its destructive capabilities. It would be worth it even if she had to spend 10 Silver Coins to buy one.

Shi Feng shook his head, saying with a smile, This item cant be bought. It will only appear by chance when opening a high-grade Treasure Chest.

Oh... Zhao Yueru was slightly disappointed.Shi Feng might have spat out blood if he knew Zhao Yueru thought of buying the Tier 2 Magic Scroll for only 10 Silver Coins.

Nobody would sell a Tier 2 Magic Scroll. That was because this item was just too valuable. If used at a crucial point, it was possible to create a comeback situation. In Shi Fengs previous life, there were many large Guilds who offered two to three Gold Coins for Tier 2 Magic Scrolls but still failed to purchase any.

If it were not due to the importance of this Quest, Shi Feng would not have been willing to use this Scroll.

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Gentle Snow originally wished to find out more about the Magic Scroll, as this item was truly too useful. However, after hearing Shi Fengs tone, it was clear that he was feeling heartache over having used the item. Even the rich and overbearing Chief Forger was feeling heartache. One could just imagine how rare this item was.

However, when Gentle Snow heard that she could obtain such an item from a high-grade Treasure Chest, she thought to herself that she would let the players from her Guild make a note of it.

Following which, everyone else started cleaning up the loot. There were plenty of Elite monsters amongst the over eight hundred Mechanical monsters, so there were many items dropped. Amongst them, there was no lack of Level 7 to Level 8 Common Equipment. There were even over thirty pieces of Bronze Equipment and several skill books.

You killed all these monsters, and we were not of much help. So, we wont be taking any of the equipment or skill books. Gentle Snow traded all the items to Shi Feng after she finished arranging the loot.

However, the Shield Warrior started drooling when he looked at all the equipment for MTs. He was extremely reluctant to part with them. However, he also did not dare have any objections to give everything to Shi Feng.You all helped out quite a lot. Lets split according to Job requirements. As for these skill books, Ill be taking them. Shi Feng only kept all of the skill books because he discovered a special skill, Precision Throw, amongst them. This skill was extremely useful to him. As for the Bronze Equipment, they were worth but a few Gold Coins, so they were not as valuable to him. The equipment he was currently wearing was the Silvermoon Set Equipment. Shi Feng did not plan on changing equipment while he was below Level 10. As for Blackie and the others, he would obtain equipment that would better suit them.

Although the equipment did not serve much purpose to Shi Feng, they were very useful to Gentle Snow.

I would feel embarrassed if I were to accept them vainly. How about I purchase all of them? I currently dont have enough game Coins on hand. Could I pay using Credits? Gentle Snow, not wishing to owe Shi Feng a favor, softly asked.

Paying with Credits is fine as well, Shi Feng was naturally very willing.

In a short moment, Gentle Snow had transferred 50,000 Credits to Shi Feng, enriching Shi Feng quite a lot once more.What about the remaining Mechanical Knights? Are you going to use a Magic Scroll again? Gentle Snow looked towards the over a hundred Mechanical Knights guarding the large gate, asking in anticipation.A Tier 2 Magic Scroll cant get rid of them. Moreover, I dont need to kill them to enter into that place. I just need to lure them away. When Shi Feng heard Gentle Snow saying so, his forehead couldnt help but sweat. Tier 2 Magic Scrolls werent just some kind of cabbage he could waste.Leave it to me, then. Gentle Snow looked at the terrain and entered into deep thought. She felt that there should be no problem in accomplishing the task.

Here are some Speed Scrolls and Return Scrolls. As long as you run out of the crater, they will not continue chasing. After leaving the battle, you all can use the Return Scrolls to leave this place, Shi Feng explained and took out several Scrolls.

Seeing that they were about to part from each other, Zhao Yueru felt unwillingness in her heart. She did not know why, but she could feel a sense of ease and security when she was with Shi Feng.Big Brother Black Flame, lets add each other as friends! Were going to enter a Level 5 Dungeon tomorrow, so how about you come and join us? Zhao Yueru suddenly said.Gentle Snow was faintly astonished. She looked at Zhao Yueru with a helpless smile. However, she felt that this was not really a bad choice. With Shi Feng around, their chances of clearing the Level 5 Dungeon would be even greater.

Er... Shi Feng did not think that this Witch would actually want to add him as a friend. Moreover, she even invited him to dive into a Dungeon. This behavior of hers right now was just way too different from before.

We can add each other as friends, but I have some things to do tomorrow. Well dive into a Dungeon together when I have time in the future, Shi Feng tactically rejected the invitation. After all, he couldnt suddenly multiply himself into two people. As for the matter of adding each other as friends, Shi Feng possessed another independent circle of friends after donning the Demon Mask. So, others would not be able to discover any issues.

Let us add each other as friends then, Zhao Yueru softly bit her lips. She was slightly disappointed that she would not be able to dive into a Dungeon with Shi Feng immediately. However, it was still good that she could add him as a friend. She would be able to contact him more easily in the future.

System: Do you wish to accept Flaming Moons friend request?

Shi Feng hit accept, and the name Flaming Moon entered Black Flames Friend Window.

Afterward, Shi Feng headed towards the left side of the gate.

At this moment, Gentle Snow had already arrived at the gates right side, prepared to lure the Mechanical Knights.Elder Sister Yueru, let us leave first. We can just leave the rest to Elder Sister Snow, Xiao Yueer softly said when she noticed that Zhao Yueru remained motionless.I got it. Zhao Yueru, after taking another glance at Shi Fengs back, turned around and left.

Seeing that Shi Feng was ready, Gentle Snow activated the Speed Scroll and rushed at the Level 10 Mechanical Knights.

Halfway there, the eyes of Mechanical Knights in front of the large gate shone brightly. Their enormous bodies started moving, and all of them had their eyes focused on Gentle Snow. Gentle Snow immediately halted her steps. She then turned around and escaped.The Mechanical Knights bellowed in rage as they moved their large figures, chasing after Gentle Snow.

Only when all of the Mechanical Knights left did Shi Feng hastily run towards the large steel gates.

Although Gentle Snow had lured the Mechanical Knights away, the amount of time they could be lured was limited. Moreover, they would not fall for the same trick the next time, so Shi Feng had to seize the opportunity.

Arriving at the large gate, Shi Feng found a moss-covered keyhole. He then inserted the broken obsidian crystal given to him by Blackbeard. The fortress key had already been stored away for almost a millennium. Blackbeard also mentioned that the key might not be able to open the gates. However, it was still worth a try.

Chapter end

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