Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 61 - Poaching

Chapter 61 - Poaching

Chapter 61 - Poaching

Just as everyone was guessing whether or not Shi Feng was a Noble NPC...

As Drifting Blood was being dragged away, he glared at Shi Feng with eyes of a poisonous snake, bellowing, Brat, just you wait. Ill remember you now. Our Martial Union will not let you off. Ill still be a good guy when I come out twelve hours later. When that time comes, there would be no place in Red Leaf Town for you.

Everyone felt chills down their backs as they heard Drifting Bloods malicious threat. Was he planning to fight to the death?

However, no one dared to belittle Shi Feng any longer. Just by judging from his single action just now, they knew Shi Feng was not as simple as he looked.

Martial Union was a relatively famous Guild in Red Leaf Town. They were very well-known in other Wuxia virtual reality games. They were not a Guild managed by a Workshop, but instead, they were a Guild that was managed by casual gamers. Including investments from a few wealthy personages, Martial Union also started establishing a foothold in Gods Domain. Although they did not reach the standards of a third-rate Guild, they were not a Guild to be taken lightly.

Currently, Gods Domain monopolized the entire virtual gaming industry. Under the support of the recently developed Main God System, Gods Domain did not require humans for operation. The Main God System assured fairness in the game, and it would also constantly evolve the game, continuously pumping out various Quests, Dungeons, hidden locations, and so on. Gods Domain was a living game, and it was something that no other virtual reality game could compare to.

The maps in Gods Domain were also immensely vast, sufficient for the entire population of Earth. Moreover, a majority of the things available in real life could also be experienced within the game, in addition to things that could not be found in real life. Gods Domain was slowly trending towards becoming a second world, and other virtual reality games had no chance of competing with it.

After Drifting Blood was dragged away by the Guards, everyones gaze turned towards Shi Feng. They all held curiosity on their faces, and their eyes tried to see through Shi Feng. They wanted to know whether or not Shi Feng was an NPC. Unfortunately, no matter what kind of observation skills they used, the results told them that Shi Feng was 100% a player and not an NPC.

This only further increased everyones confusion. Yet, nobody dared to go over and ask Shi Feng, as Shi Feng might not even answer them. If by chance they were to cause Shi Feng displeasure, who knew, they might be the next Drifting Blood.

Shi Feng looked at the puzzled faces of the people around him. He merely revealed a faint smile at the sight as he turned to leave.

After living in Gods Domain for ten years, he long since clearly understood the rules of Gods Domain. A player would be captured and jailed if he were to attack another player inside a Safe Zone. However, as long as an action did not cause any damage, even if it were an intense bodily contact, the Guards would not pay heed to it.

Pressing onto Drifting Blood and clapping his shoulders were both actions that did not cause damage. It was just that the strength behind it was different than what one would normally use for such actions. Naturally, the Guards would not care about such actions. However, Drifting Blood used Charge, a skill that would cause the target to enter into a Fainted state in addition to damage. Moreover, there were also his aggressive actions. The Guards naturally would not let him off freely.

Meanwhile, female players only had to activate the Anti-harassment System to prevent harassing players from doing anything to them. However, Violet Cloud just recently entered Gods Domain, so it was natural for her not to know about it.

Regarding Drifting Bloods threat, Shi Feng paid no heed to it. Martial Union was a Guild that did not even reach the standard of third-rate. Shi Feng previously used to lead the weak Shadow to stand off against many first-rate Guilds, and these first-rate Guilds were helpless dealing with them. Martial Union, a leisure Guild that only had several thousand players, was not worth even mentioning.

If they wished to find trouble with him, he would just deal with them. As a reincarnated person with a Magic Weapon in hand, what was he afraid of?

As for deepening his relationship with Violet Cloud, Shi Feng could only leave it aside for now as he searched for another way. The girls vigilance was just too heavy for him to get through. However, Shi Feng understood her reasons. If it were the Snow Goddess standing in his place, Violet Cloud might have a different reaction.

Shi Feng bitterly laughed, shaking his head as he left.

Sir, please hold on a moment, Violet Cloud finally said, no longer able to endure it. The enticement of 10 Silver Coins was just too great. This was her biggest chance. If she were to miss it, what would happen to her sick mother?

Oh? Did you change your mind? Shi Feng turned around to look at Violet Clouds troubled expression, smiling as he spoke.

Violet Cloud stayed on guard as she looked at Shi Fengs eyes, trying to discern any bad intentions within them. However, no matter how she looked at them, she could not discover any special emotions within them. Instead, she could feel a vast ocean hidden within the depths of Shi Fengs eyes. However, she still asked in caution, You truly want only the Fruit Juice and absolutely wont have other requests?

Shi Feng was sweating profusely in his heart. For her to seek confirmation over and over... just how unreliable was he? He would have left long ago, were it not for her potential to become a Cleric God, as even he was unable to endure being thought of as a lecherous bastard by others.

In any case, Im in need of a Chef to make some things for me. How about this? Well set up a contract, and Ill hire you to be my Chef. Ill give you the same treatment as a Lifestyle player in a third-rate Guild. You should be able to relax with the Main God Systems guarantee. If you dont have any problems, then follow me. If you still cant feel reassured, then just stay here, Shi Feng let out a sigh, speaking unhurriedly.

Violet Cloud was dumbfounded. The man before her was actually hiring her, and he was even giving her an ordinary job. It should be known that Chef was a Lifestyle Job that nobody thought highly of; no one ever hired Chef players.

She had heard before, from her best friend, the treatment of a Lifestyle player in a third-rate guild. At that time, her friend even showed off that her boyfriend was a Lifestyle player in a third-rate Guild and how great the monthly treatment he received was. If he performed well, there would even be various kinds of benefits. The treatment was much better than many jobs that were available in real life, and this caused Violet Cloud to be extremely envious.

Ill follow you. However, I work very slowly. Is there really no problem? Violet Cloud ground her teeth, deciding to agree with Shi Feng. If she were to let go of this chance, what sort of future awaited her? Judging from his various performances, Shi Feng did not seem like a bad person. Moreover, she was just a very ordinary female player. There was absolutely no need for him to conspire and trick her. This was a virtual world. If she did not reveal her address in real life, Shi Feng would not be able to track her at all. Moreover, Shi Feng would have to bear a great risk in doing so.

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Follow me then. I still have some things I need to buy, Shi Feng nodded his head, appearing to be very calm. However, inwardly, he was in ecstasy. He had swindled a Cleric God into his hands, just like that. As for the Snow Goddess, Shi Feng could only apologize and say, first come, first served.

Subsequently, Violet Cloud left with Shi Feng.

Shi Feng brought along Violet Cloud, returning to the Grocery Shop once more. He bought an assortment of equipment used by Chefs such as Pots, Spatulas, Knives, and so on, spending less than 2 Silver Coins in total. Afterward, he went to the Chefs Association, spending 1 Silver Coin to purchase two sheets of Basic Cooking Recipes. One was a recipe for cooking Wolf Meat, the other for making an Energizing Drink. At the same time, he spent an additional 5 Silver Coins purchasing plenty of materials that were required by these recipes, as well as the materials for the Fruit Juice.

Violet Cloud was shocked by Shi Fengs actions. He actually spent so much money, buying so many things. He was just too rich. Her previous notion of Shi Feng being unreliable completely changed now.

The materials and recipes Shi Feng had spent so much money buying were sufficient to allow her to promote herself to an Advanced Apprentice Chef. This was a treatment not even the Lifestyle players of first-rate Guilds would receive.

However, what Violet Cloud did not know of was that Shi Feng felt that these items were very cheap. It was truly easy to nurture a Chef.

All the materials required by the recipes could be bought from the NPC, and it only took 10 Silver Coins to nurture an Advanced Apprentice Chef. Such an amount of money would not even be enough to squander for nurturing a Forger or Potionmaker.

Shi Feng then rented a Basic Kitchen, bringing Violet Cloud to it.

After you sign the contract, all these materials and recipes will belong to you. You only need to create 900 cups of Fruit Juice first. Then, use everything remaining for these two recipes. You will receive a 20% share when these items are sold. At the same time, depending on your results, Ill decide your base salary every month. If you try to run away, youll have to compensate me ten times that amount. Sign it if you dont have any problems, Shi Feng brought out a standard employment contract for Lifestyle players from the Main God System. Aside from having different treatments, these contracts were the same as others. There were no loopholes in them, and the law held effect over it.

Chapter end

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