Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 34 - Changing from Arrogance to Humility (2)

Chapter 34 - Changing from Arrogance to Humility (2)

Chapter 34 - Changing from Arrogance to Humility (2)

Gentle Snows eyes flashed when Shi Feng also wanted to gift her something. She felt astonished and thought Shi Feng was an interesting person. Shi Feng conducted himself properly, and he was not as hard to get along with as she had imagined.

You? Gifting Snow a present? Do you think Snow would even want it? Zhao Yueru could not help but turn her head around. Her fresh red lips curled into a seductive smile, and her eyes held a sneer within them. She was silently laughing at Shi Fengs overestimation of himself. What kind of item has Gentle Snow not seen before? Even luxury cars worth over ten million could not catch her attention, not to mention an item within a game.

Currently, Shi Feng took out a piece of paper from his bag. This drawing was one of the drops from the Boss. Shi Feng nonchalantly passed the item over to Gentle Snow.

When Zhao Yueru saw Shi Feng take out a piece of scrap paper and give it as a present to Gentle Snow, she could not help but coldly say, Are you trying to make a fool of us?

No? Shi Feng said in a serious tone.

Snow gave you a piece of Bronze Equipment, yet what about you? You took out a piece of scrap paper to trick her. Do you think a piece of scrap paper could compare to a piece of Bronze Equipment? If youre not playing us for fools, then what are you trying to do? hearing Shi Fengs answer, Zhao Yueru was further enraged.Behind Shi Feng, Blackie and the others were each covered in a cold sweat.

Even if you did not wish to chat with the Goddess, you still should not make a fool of her! Wasnt this just courting death?!

They clearly obtained a good amount of equipment inside the Dungeon, and just simply giving one of those pieces would easily solve the problem. If Shi Fengs actions angered the Goddess, even if the Goddess herself did not take action, the players surrounding them would surely kill them off for her.

Seeing a mishap about to occur, Blackie thought of giving away the Bronze Staff he held. However, Gentle Snow gladly received the scrap paper Shi Feng gave her.Suddenly, Blackie and everyone elses mouths formed a 0h shape.

The Goddess accepted it? What kind of situation was this?

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Thank you for your present; I like it very much. Now, can we go somewhere with fewer people to have our chat? Gentle Snow smiled in appreciation.

Shi Feng also smiled and nodded in agreement. Looking at Gentle Snows faint smile was like watching a dazzling sun that warmed a persons heart. It would be hard to forget such a smile, even after a lifetime.

Snow, youre going to forgive his rude actions just like that? Zhao Yueru asked in a puzzled tone.

Its alright, Yueru. I like this item very much, Gentle Snow turned around after commenting, letting Shi Feng lead the way.

Zhao Yueru was stunned. She just could not understand what kind of drug Shi Feng had given Gentle Snow. Was a piece of scrap paper enough?Just what was this piece of scrap paper?

Snow, just what did that fellow give you? Zhao Yueru whispered. Just by seeing the fire poker on Shi Fengs waist, she could tell Shi Feng would not be able to give anything valuable. However, Gentle Snow still happily received it. Such a result puzzled Zhao Yueru significantly.

A Potion Recipe for the Basic Strength Potion. When consumed, it will increase a players Strength by 6 points for half an hour, Gentle Snow calmly replied.What? Zhao Yueru leaped up in shock. How could he have such a precious recipe?

Potionmaking was very hard to learn. The recipes needed were famed for being rare drops, even the current Ouroboros only had a few normal recipes, not to mention rare recipes. A recipe that was capable of increasing the Strength of a player by 6 points was unheard of until now.

If the current Level 2 players could have an extra 6 points in Strength, that would equate to an additional 12 Attack Power. Such a potion would have a significant effect when they dove into a Dungeon. Regarding Guilds who frequently conquered Dungeons, the value of this recipe far surpassed that of tens of pieces of Bronze Equipment. As long as the Basic Strength Potion were for sale, the supply would never be able to meet the demand. Yet, Shi Feng gifted such a recipe away.

Did Shi Feng not know the value of this recipe? However, Zhao Yueru shook her head, denying this assumption. Before, she had seen the confident expression on Shi Fengs face. He knew the immense value it had towards their guild.

Currently, Zhao Yueru turned her head once more towards Shi Feng. A tinge of red appeared on her cheeks when she thought back to what she said before. She felt humiliated. She actually called a rare recipe a scrap paper. When she thought of Shi Fengs smile, he was definitely laughing at her lack of knowledge. He was such a hateful bastard!Now you finally know. Ive already said he wasnt simple, Gentle Snow smiled at Zhao Yueru.Even after Gentle Snow and Shi Feng left the scene, the surrounding players had yet to recover themselves.

What kind of situation was this?

A noob actually received the attention of the Goddess. Was this person really a noob?

Boss Waving Slowly, that noob left with the Goddess. Wordless Summer Night was very upset. After watching the Goddess being very courteous with Shi Feng, even an idiot could tell Shi Feng was not that simple.

Dont mind it. Ive heard from others that the noob entered the Hell Mode of the Deathly Forest. The Snow Goddess mustve intentionally invited him to learn about the difficulty of Hell Mode, Waving Slowly did not believe that he would misjudge a person. Shi Feng was definitely a noob. He must have just been incredibly fortunate. Before, he managed to gain the favor of an expert. Now, he also somehow managed to obtain the favor of the Goddess.In a rock pit over 200 yards south of the Deathly Forest, Gentle Snow and Shi Feng sat facing each other. Surrounding them was a beautiful scenery and gurgling streams. As for the others, they stood to the sides. None of them tried to eavesdrop on the conversation between Shi Feng and Gentle Snow. They comfortably sat down and started chatting amongst themselves.

I wonder what business Miss Snow has for me?

The Deathly Forest. Gentle Snow openly said, I want the strategy for the Deathly Forest. State your price.

Hehe, Im afraid Miss Snow is overthinking things. How could I have the strategy to the Deathly Forest? Ive only entered the Dungeon once, Shi Feng would not admit to possessing the strategy. It would bring about the suspicion of others. After all, Gods Domain was a game constructed by the Main God System. Even Beta Testers would not know a detailed strategy for the Dungeon. It was still possible to trick amateurs such as Blackie, but it was impossible to trick Gentle Snow. Troubles would arise if Shi Feng were to generously share his strategy.

Gentle Snow smiled sweetly; her eyes swept once across Shi Fengs party members before calmly saying, If Im not mistaken, the equipment your party members are wearing all came from the Hell Mode of the Deathly Forest. Although your party has one or two players with proper techniques, everyone knows you had invited three Level 1 noobs as temporary members. Such a party was able to enter Hell Mode, and even came out with quite a lot of equipment. Do you think I would believe you if you said you did not have any information?Lets not twist our words around. I know youre a Beta Tester, and not just any Beta Tester. You must have done detailed research on the Deathly Forest. Otherwise, you wouldnt be able to clear the Dungeon at all. This Basic Strength Potion Recipe is the best evidence as to why I would say youve cleared it. You can rest assured however that I will not reveal your secret. Gentle Snow fixated her gaze on Shi Feng as if she saw through Shi Fengs entire being.

Alright, what you say is correct. Shi Feng shrugged his shoulders, silently letting loose a breath. He never thought Gentle Snow would fill up the questionable gaps. It would not be any better for Shi Feng if Gentle Snow thought in such a way.

State your price then, Gentle Snow was all smiles with Shi Feng. It was as though she was saying, Did you think I could not control a person like you? This lady knows everything.

Chapter end

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