Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 108: Strong Woman

Chapter 108: Strong Woman

On the way back to Konoha, it was not smooth.

All the enemies who found this small group of Konoha ninjas tried to eat them in one bite.

However, it was a pity that these people all ran into an iron plate.

Kagami and the two clan members were not weak to begin with. As long as they were not surrounded by too many enemies, even if they could not defeat them, it would not be difficult for them to leave.

Then, on this basis, they added a Haru whose strength was unknown, who they did not even know what level they were at.

In the end, it could only be said that these fellows had died very miserably.

In addition, along the way, Haru saw too many human tragedies.

He didn't know how many small countries there were. The small villages were completely destroyed in this great battle.

It was like a few monsters fighting and accidentally stepping on some ants, but no one would care.

Haru even saw many ninjas directly break into the homes of the innocent. While snatching money and food, they waved their butcher knives and left with blood stains.

The family was neat and tidy, not even willing to let go of their children.

Such an animal behavior was simply unworthy of being a human, what was the difference between being a bandit and an executioner?

Moreover, this was not only done by the few big countries that provoked the war, how good could the reputation of Konoha Ninjas be?

At most, it was just that compared to the other big countries, there were fewer degenerates and more worries.

If one were to consider the act of mutually framing each other, then there was only one sentence left. The crows in the world were as black as black, and no one should dislike each other.

Thus, Haru and the others became very silent afterwards, not knowing what to say.

"There is an abandoned small village ahead. Let's rest there first before hurrying on our way." Kagami suggested.

Haru had no objections. 18 years had already passed. Was there still a day or two left?

Moreover, he needed a bit of time to mentally prepare himself. He also needed to think about what would happen when he went back, and how he should deal with it.

He randomly found a relatively intact house, and then Kagami stayed behind to clean up. The other two Uchiha clansmen tried to search the small village, hoping to find some 'surprise'.

After all, dry food and so on only brought hunger, but it did not bring any satisfaction.

If they could drink a bowl of hot soup and have some meat, wouldn't that be wonderful?

Kagami was not worried about them. It was obvious that this place had been abandoned for a long time because of the war. Moreover, no one would usually pass through this place, so no one would set up traps here to ambush the enemy.

With the strength of those two, even if they really encountered any unexpected danger, they would be able to cope with it.

But this was the evil door!

Haru and Kagami waited in the room for a long time, but there was no news of the two Uchiha clansmen.

The two of them seemed to have vanished into thin air, and there was no movement

"Be careful, something is wrong!" Kagami frowned and took out his weapon.

Haru nodded. He could tell as well.

However, encountering an enemy here was a little too abnormal. Could it be that someone had been eyeing them because of the previous incident?

Haru did not like being too passive, so he squatted down and pointed the middle finger of his right index finger and the sword on the ground.

In an instant, the life strength and chakra strength of everyone within a thousand miles were accurately reflected back into his brain.

This was because he had inherited Tobirama's chakra sensing ability! Upstodatee from n(0)/v/lbIn/.(co/m

"East... 50 meters... 3 people... south..."

After receiving all the information, Haru frowned, "There are a total of 15 people. According to the strength of their lives and the amount of chakra they have, there should be six Jonin among them. We have been surrounded, and it seems that we have come prepared. The goal is clear."

Kagami did not have any doubts. Instead, he seemed to see the shadow of Lord Tobirama on Haru.

"I will go out and lure the enemy out. I will leave the task of killing the enemy to you. If you are not confident, use Flying Ruujin to evacuate the battlefield..."

Before Kagami could finish his words, he hurriedly caught a specially made Kunai that Haru threw over.

"Kunai, who has the Flying Thunder God Seal, knows how to use it, right? After not seeing him for so many years, Kagami and Sensei's skills have regressed a lot."

Kagami was stunned at first, then revealed a bitter smile.

"It seems that I, as Sensei, have to be a little more serious later. Otherwise, I will be looked down upon by the former disciples."

Haru laughed, kicked the door, and rushed out.

Then in the next moment, all kinds of Ninjutsu arrived in an instant!

"Be alert, the target may still be alive." a seemingly ordinary woman said cautiously.

"How did you guess?"

Hearing a sound coming from behind, the woman did not even think about it before she grabbed Kunai and stabbed her back.

Her movements were extremely agile, without even a second of hesitation!

It made Haru, who was the enemy, want to clap for her.

This is right!

This is what a ninja should be!

Those who were always sweating cold sweat widened their eyes and shouted, "This is impossible!" Those guys must have come through the back door to make a fool of themselves!

It was just that the woman's reaction speed was very fast, but Haru's speed was even faster!

With a clang, the Kunai in the woman's hand was knocked off, and then the joints of her two arms were accurately removed by Haru. Finally, a sharp katana was placed on her neck.

"Who are you? Where are my two companions?"

The woman broke out in a cold sweat from the pain of having her arm removed.

She said coldly, "You want to escape after killing so many of us? Your two companions have already gone down to wait for you. I am the same. I am waiting for you in hell!"


Haru did not move as he looked at the woman who had taken the initiative to run over and slit her throat.

At this moment, he really wanted to shout,

Big sister, who did I kill?

I still don't know who you are!

You don't even have a forehead guard, and you don't even introduce yourself. Who knows who you are here to take revenge for!

And do you want to die so simply

I just asked, who are you, and then you cut your neck?

To suffer such a great humiliation?

Haru was really a bit confused. He could not understand where this talent came from.

Then he heard Kagami shout, "What are you waiting for! I can't stop you!"

Although it could not be stopped, Kagami's expression did not change in the slightest. Sharingan's extremely exquisite illusion technique, paired with a clean and neat saber technique, and his lightning-fast Instant Steps.

For a time, the enemies who had an advantage in numbers were actually killed by Kagami.

If not for the fact that those Jonin were also capable, Kagami would have had no choice but to give up a large portion of his chance to attack and turn it into self-preservation.

Perhaps, even without Haru making a move, Kagami would have been able to kill everyone.

Haru thought for a moment and began to make hand seals.

After all, enemies that can be dealt with using long-range ninjutsu should not be dragged into close combat.

Who knew if the enemy would use some very strange secret techniques or forbidden arts?

Haru did not want to fail miserably in a very easy task.

Chapter end

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