Martial God Asura – Chapter 37 Shocking Everyone

Chapter 37 Shocking Everyone

MGA: Chapter 37 Shocking Everyone

As an expert of the Origin stage, Chu Yuanba also discovered that Chu Feng was using a rank 3 skill as well and it was a lot more mysterious than the skill Xu Tianyi was using.

According to his experience, a skill like that was extremely hard to train in. Yet Chu Feng seemed to have already mastered it. So other than feeling astonished, he wanted to know what kind of skill it was.

Grandfather, if Im not mistaken, the skill Chu Feng is using is the hardest skill to train in the entire inner court of the Azure Dragon School, the Illusionary Palm. Chu Wei said seriously.

What? Its the hardest skill to train in within the entire inner court? I never would have thought that this boy was this impressive! Chu Yuanba inhaled a breath of cool air.

Not only that grandfather. In this years inner court disciple exam, there was a fierce person that battled 40 Fierce Beasts all by himself. Before the arrival of all the disciples, he killed all of the Fierce Beasts and took the reward for being the first.

And we think that the fierce person is Chu Feng. Chu Wei continued narrating.

Hearing Chu Weis words, Chu Yuanbas face changed once again and he was so shocked that he couldnt even speak. He immediately looked towards Chu Feng, only that his gaze was completely different.

At that instant, he had a thought in his heart. Perhaps Chu Feng really was able to recover the face of the Chu family.

Before, he never would have thought that the face of the Chu family would needed to be relied on this child to recover. After all, he was not truly a Chu family member, but, Chu Feng was his only hope.

*whoosh whoosh*

It was extremely hard to determine who had the upper hand in the battle between Chu Feng and Xu Tianyi. The observers could not tell who had the advantage, but Xu Tianyi was gloomy.

He did not pressure Chu Feng with his strength and his skills and he only evened themselves out.

He was already breathing roughly after many rounds of attacks. But, Chu Fengs face did not change at all as if he didnt know what was the things called tired.

This isnt right. This guy is delaying this round and wants to waste all my strength. Xu Tianyi felt that something was off as he said to himself, It seems that I need to finish this fast.

Thinking to that point, Xu Tianyi did not dare to be slow. He changed his skill, and boundless pressure was emitted from his body. His entire atmosphere was different.

Chu Feng could feel that the stage was trembling even more violently when he did that. On both of the fists of Xu Tianyi, there was a silvery-white colour covering it. It was as if there was steel on it, and with it came an unconquerable aura as it came flying at Chu Feng.

Rank 4 skill!

Feeling Xu Tianyis explosive power, everyones face changed greatly. Even the face of Chu Yuanba that just calmed down changed as well.

Rank 4 skill. It wasnt something an ordinary disciple could train in. Within the martial arts training ground, there were many powers. From so many people, perhaps there wasnt even one that had a rank 4 skill. Even Chu Yuanba didnt have one.

The reason was very simple. The cultivators that could train in the rank 4 skill were certainly important people in the schools. The future achievements of that person would not be limited to a small place like this.

Also, not only were the rank 4 skills extremely hard to get, the difficulty to train in them was terrifying. Even if people got the rank 4 skill, they could not understand it. So, Xu Tianyi being able to use the rank 4 skill would naturally shock everyone.

Although he did not display the complete power of the rank 4 skill, he could be called a genius as he was able to use it to this extent.

Lost. Chu Feng lost. That was the voices of the hearts of countless people. But, it would not be injustice if he lost, because it wasnt that he was weak, it was his that opponent was too strong.

After all, Chu Feng will still young, and using the power of the 6th level of the Spirit realm to force Xu Tianyi to this extent already spoke a lot about his talent. If he was at the same age as Xu Tianyi then perhaps the result would be different.

Even though everyone felt that Chu Feng would undoubtedly lose, no one mocked him in his heart. Because, in their hearts, Chu Feng was also a genius.


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But just at that time, Chu Feng also changed his skills. He stopped the fists that covered his entire body and what took its spot was an afterimage that dodged Xu Tianyis attack like the wind.


Behind him, a body was spinning. Strong wind rose and there were even some lightning sparks. The momentum was only stronger and no weaker when compared to Xu Tianyis previous momentum.

This is...

Heavens! Its a rank 4 skill! Chu Feng can also use a rank 4 skill!

If it was said that Xu Tianyi astonished people, the current Chu Feng would simply drive people insane.

At the age of 15, he had the strength of the 6th level of the Spirit realm. He could even use a rank 4 skill. He was simply broken.

But, the thing that was unbelieveable was still behind Xu Tianyi...


Chu Fengs whipped his leg out, and with the bits of lightning it swept towards Xu Tianyi.

Damn. Xu Tianyi did not dare to be slow. He immediately retracted his hands to block it because he could feel how strong his leg whip was.

*whoosh* But he never would have thought that Chu Feng would suddenly pull his lightning fast leg whip back. Chu Feng changed his attacking angle and aimed at Xu Tianyis waist then kicked out with his leg.


Everything happened too fast. So fast that Xu Tianyi wasnt even able to react to it. Chu Fengs leg fiercely kicked his waist, and with some cracking sounds, Xu Tianyi flew off and fell off the stage.

Tianyi! Seeing that, Xu Qiang and the others were shocked as they quickly went up to support him.

Dont move! Suddenly, Xu Tianyi bellowed and said with a full face of pain, Its broken. The waist is broken.



The entire place shook. Xu Tianyi lost. A disciple of a first-rate school, a young man who was in the 7th level of the Spirit realm lost. And he lost to a person who was 2 years younger than him and was only at the 6th level of the Spirit realm.


Suddenly, the people who were watching all stood up and clapped like the thunder. Some people even started cheering and kept on yelling Chu Fengs name.

They could not control their emotions. A person who was 15 years old had the cultivation of the 6th level of the Spirit realm, could use rank 4 skills, and he even defeated his opponent who was at the 7th level of the Spirit realm. He could not be called as a genius. He was simply a monster.

The battles were way too brilliant. Although the last exchange happened in a split moment, it still let people feel extremely carefree and excited.

A monster like that appeared in the Chu family. It seems that we should build good relationships with the Chu family in the future.

Some people already hiddenly decided to have more contacts with the Chu family. For no other reason than the appearance of a monster like Chu Feng in the Chu family.

For the Chu family that had such a person, the only problem for their success was time. In the future, they could not stop it even if they wanted to.

So, many people saw the chance in their eyes and felt that as long as they had a good relationship with the Chu family now, perhaps in the future they could have a huge power to rely on.

Chapter end

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