Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 459

Chapter 459


Surrounded by sheep, YuWon felt a strange sensation enveloping him.

Who are these creatures?

In the future, they were the sons of Shub-Niggurath, who took the lives of countless comrades.

YuWon had been fighting against Shub-Niggurath for quite some time, so he knew well the power of each sheep.

Seeing Shub-Niggurath's offspring following him was surprising.

Although it was hard to believe, YuWon opened his mouth after a brief moment of reflection.

"Stand up."



Whether they understood the words or not, the sheep stood up in unison.

Danpung smiled at such a scene, and YuWon continued with what he had planned.

"Sit down."


"Stand up."




The sheep sat, stood, and even simulated being shot.

It was fun, but he thought it was enough. The sheep's reaction to the "bang" was something that the inhabitants of this world wouldn't understand if they didn't know firearms.

Even so, the sheep could show this behavior for a reason.

'Did they connect to the System to understand what I want immediately?'

At this moment, that was the only possible hypothesis.

The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young.

Although YuWon and Danpung didn't turn into sheep, it seemed they could control this forest/woods and the sheep.

'I obtained the Sheep of the Black Woods.'

An unintended harvest.

'What I can do with them...'


It was at that moment...

Unusually, an eerie and unmatched sound was heard.



The sheep scattered like bowling pins before YuWon's eyes.

There was no need to ask why.

A giant club flew towards him.

And the sound of the item that activated a moment ago.

"Are you okay-?!"

As expected, Son OhGong rushed hurriedly towards YuWon.

YuWon sighed.

It seemed like he had some idea of what he was thinking. The boy who had been sleeping all the time had discovered the Black Woods.

He probably thought that Shub-Niggurath had appeared in this world.

"It's okay, step back. Don't overreact."

Was it thanks to Shub-Niggurath? Son OhGong gripped Ru Yi Bang even tighter as he absorbed his Arcane Power and Yokai Power that he still wasn't accustomed to using while the woods trembled.

Thud, thud-.

"Overreact? Have you forgotten who she is? How many comrades died because of that bastard goat? Don't talk nonsense-."

"That woman is already dead."


Son OhGong, surprised, turned his head towards YuWon.

In Son OhGong's view, looking at YuWon in disbelief, the figure of a small sheep slowly appeared, approaching YuWon.

"Hey, be careful-."


YuWon stroked the sheep's head with his hand.

It was a sheep that, despite being hit by Ru Yi Bang, staggered towards him. If it were still in Shub-Niggurath's arms, there would be no problem, but now he had to take care of it.

Son OhGong's reaction, who was watching this situation for the first time, was:


With his mouth wide open, he asked with surprise.

"What is happening here?"

"We took away its name."

"The name?"

"Now that I think about it, it seems you haven't heard the news because you've been here all the time."

"Oh, right. Now that you mention it..."

Son OhGong, momentarily surprised by the situation that was hard to believe even seeing it with his own eyes, asked in amazement.

"Is it true? Did you kill Shub-Niggurath?"

"You can check by opening the Kit. We're half-ruined thanks to that."


There was no way YuWon could lie about something like this. The number of comrades who died at the hands of Shub-Niggurath was not something that could be used as a joke.

Above all, OhGong observed the scene unfolding before his eyes.

Instead of Shub-Niggurath, it's the sheep that bow their heads to YuWon.

This was proof enough that Shub-Niggurath had fallen.

"Oh, darn..."

"What's wrong?"

"No, it's nothing."

"It's not nothing that it's nothing."

"Oh, yeah. I'm hungry. Let's have breakfast."

"Seeing how you're avoiding the conversation, it's obvious..."

YuWon looked at Son OhGong with suspicious eyes. Avoiding YuWon's gaze, Son OhGong scratched his head.

Defeating Shub-Niggurath...

OhGong felt uncomfortable just thinking about it.

'I was glad in vain yesterday after winning. How annoying.'

While YuWon defeated Shub-Niggurath, he himself fell into Tathagata's trap.

Under Son OhGong's gaze, the Flying Nimbus appeared.

In an instant, while YuWon looked at the sheep below him...


With a loud sound, Son OhGong rode the Flying Nimbus and soared above the Black Woods.

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared at a point while flying.

Almost YuWon burst out laughing at that moment.

'It seems like I have a pretty clear idea of what's going on.'

Son OhGong had been anticipating the fight with Shub-Niggurath. Naturally, because in the future, he had never defeated Shub-Niggurath.

However, it wasn't surprising that his face heated up when he thought that he had done nothing in the fight and had only caused trouble here.

'Maybe it's better this way. His biggest problem is his arrogance.'

If this incident managed to stimulate Son OhGong, it wouldn't be bad.

Son OhGong striving to become stronger.

Just with OhGong's presence, YuWon already felt secure thinking about how he could help in future fights.

YuWon's gaze turned to the Black Woods.

"Now it's the beginning."

Shub-Niggurath was dead.

Probably, this incident would be considered a significant problem even among the Outers.

At least, among the Outer Gods YuWon knew, Shub-Niggurath was ranked as a minimum second.


Really perhaps, the fight would become more intense.


'Maybe we should hurry from this side.'

Yuwon was getting better and faster results than he originally planned.

Since the past and the present had changed, the future would also change. Given that many plans had been ruined, Foolish Chaos wouldn't follow the future YuWon remembered.

'For a while...'

Unnoticed, one by one, the sheep that flew into the air under Son OhGong's club returned around YuWon.

And among those sheep...

'I'll have to learn more about this guy.'

Watching Danpung, who was laughing more brightly than usual, YuWon thought to himself.

The key to this fight, maybe it would be Danpung.


Outside the Tower.

Under the purple sky, sounds of melancholic lamentations resonated.


-Aaah, aaah!

They were just sounds of sighs. Listening to them for a moment, Foolish Chaos murmured indifferently.CHCk for ew stries on no/v/el/bin(.)c0m

"It seems that goat's void is larger than I thought."

Foolish Chaos rolled a small pearl in his hand.

Thud, the sound of the pearl rolling. While caressing it for a while, he saw the purple sky swirling like mist.

Foolish Chaos raised his head.

Was it because of his mood? He felt as if the sky was reproaching him.

"It seems like you're angry."

As a response to that question, the sky shook again in a disorderly manner. Finally, Foolish Chaos realized he was being observed.

"After all, she was nothing more than a slut who surrendered to your woods to gain a name. Calm your anger."


It was at that moment...

Between the blurry purple sky...

The eyes, as thin as the crescent moon, opened a little and turned towards Foolish Chaos.

"Destruction-Bringing Star. Have you also gotten angry?"


The eyes slowly widened.

In the eyes that were once only white, the black sclera appeared, looking down at Foolish Chaos. He also opened the eyes that had been closed for a long time after Shub-Niggurath's death.

That wasn't all.

All beings in this world were screaming. Shub-Niggurath's death was a shocking event.

Even with Foolish Chaos at the center, it wasn't strange that they expressed their anger.


A purple mist enveloped Foolish Chaos. In the face of the majestic appearances that appeared one after another, Foolish Chaos sighed softly.

"It seems that those who were silent are appearing in a group."

-You crossed the line a bit this time.

Unlike others, the mist approached Foolish Chaos directly and spoke to him.

There was no particular reason.

Unlike the eyes in the sky, the mist had a certain camaraderie with Foolish Chaos.

"For a while, I'll be a pariah."

-So it will be.

"Will you also?"



The mist disappeared silently.

There was no response, but the answer could be guessed.

"You're shy."


Foolish Chaos rolled the pearl in his hands again.

Thus, Foolish Chaos's robe, holding "the eye" in his hand, fluttered in the wind.

"He came from the future, huh..."


Time passed.

It wasn't a very long time.

One year.

Only one year.

In the Tower, new Players entered, and more than ten Rankers were born.

In the past, this year would have been only a part of the time passing without anything happening in the Tower.

But for Odin, this year was longer than any other time.


Late at night.

Someone stepped into the splendid palace of Asgard without permission.

Step, step. Without anyone's permission.

Odin, who was sitting on the throne, opened his eyes.

He wanted to see who dared to visit the palace at this hour without fear.

"They say you've been locked in here for three days. Aren't you bored?"

"...Are you Zeus?"

One year.

It wasn't a very long time. However, he had already seen Zeus, whom he hadn't seen several times in over a thousand years.

It wasn't a pleasant reunion.


"How did you get here?"

"I just entered."

"Without permission?"

"I don't need anyone's permission. Just like you."

"You've become quite close, huh? Are we comrades now, the two of us?"

"If you think that way, I could stick a spear in your face right now."

"As for the spear, I'm confident too. It's probably very different from a year ago."

Trivial talk for a moment.

Soon, Odin, interested in Zeus's appearance, asked him about his motive.

"You didn't really come here to stick a spear in my face, did you?"

"I have something to tell you. It seems your information network is too slow."

"What do you mean?"

"That guy has moved."

"That guy...?"

In Odin's eyes, which were as gloomy as a corpse, light began to shine slowly.

Eyes full of hope.

After sitting on the throne like a corpse for three days, Odin leaned forward and asked.

"Where is he?"


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