Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 452

Chapter 452


In the heart of Valhalla, chaos broke loose.

A handsome man with almost golden hair flowing in the wind, Apollo, was half-kneeling on the ground with a somber face.

"Ha, hahaha...."

Apollo let out a bitter laugh at what had just happened in an instant.

He couldn't help it.

At his side, ever-present, was his valuable "mode of transportation," which had now disappeared.

Or more precisely.

"I'll return it when I'm done using it. That's the rental fee."

He had to consider it as theft.

Apollo, with an expression of injustice, checked the rental fee YuWon had paid him.


Ten million points.

Even if Sun Chariot was an impressive item, unless he sold it, paying that rental fee was more than enough.

In fact, with that amount, he could have lent it for over a year.

The problem was that Apollo had no other choice in the process.

"Cheer up."

Apollo sighed under the caress of his younger sister, Artemis.

Suddenly, he remembered when he first heard the name YuWon.

"Just a few years ago, this guy was almost killed by that Crices fellow."


A subordinate of Apollo, a High-Ranker with a promising future who used fire attribute magic.

When YuWon set foot in the Tower for the first time.

When Olympus was preparing for the upcoming Gigantomachy and seeking Hephaestus, YuWon stood in Crices' way to protect Hephaestus from Olympus.

He was a newcomer on the first floor.

"Come to think of it, that was quite ridiculous."

Of course, if a High-Ranker attacked a lower-level Player, they faced penalties.

Unless the level difference was minimal, the gap between the first and the hundredth floor was enormous. However, everyone considered it impossible for a first-floor Player to fight against a High-Ranker.

But YuWon achieved it.

Even though he ultimately received help from Hephaestus...

"It was incredible growth from the beginning."

But still, he didn't expect him to grow so fast.

Apollo rode on Sun Chariot and looked in the direction YuWon disappeared.

Clearly, he was heading upwards. He didn't know where, but given the large number of points he paid and the rental of Sun Chariot, it seemed to be an urgent matter.

"Once again, the Tower will become noisy."

Thinking about it, the Tower hadn't become so noisy until a few years ago.

That short period of time felt longer than hundreds of years, and at the center of all events was YuWon.

After looking to where YuWon disappeared, Apollo spoke.



"Let's have something delicious."

Ten million points.

With the sudden influx of a large sum of money, Apollo spoke enthusiastically.

"Today, this big brother will spare no expense."


Firee, firee~

The flames on Sun Chariot burned more intensely as they consumed YuWon's energy.

Sun Chariot, known as one of the fastest means of transportation in the Tower, was one of Hephaestus's masterpieces. Not only did it have inherently high speed, but the speed increased the stronger the flame of the user driving it.

And the Sun Chariot absorbing YuWon's energy was running at a faster speed than ever.

[The Heart of Fire supplies fire to Sun Chariot.]

[The speed is increasing.]

[The speed is increasing...]

If Surt heard these messages, he might rise from his grave seeing how his Heart of Fire was being used as firewood for Sun Chariot.

Of course...

At this moment, in YuWon's mind, there was not a hint of thought about Surt.

'Maybe I was a bit harsh.'

It's not that he didn't care at all.

Even if he paid a large amount of Points, the fact that he brought Sun Chariot rather forcibly was a fact.

Thinking to apologize properly later, YuWon hurried his movement.


Hercules and Hargan sat across from each other.

Although the bar was crowded, it was surprisingly quiet, enough to hear even the breathing. Tranquility reigned thanks to Hercules and Hargan, who drank without saying a word.


Hercules placed the liquor bottle on the table.

Although he put it down gently, the sound resonated clearly in the bottle. Worried that he had failed to control the force, Hercules lifted the empty bottle and shook it.

"Could you bring me another bottle?"

"Yes, of course! Right away!"

The liquor arrived quickly.

Knowing that Hercules, who drank quickly, would ask for another bottle, the waiter handed him a bottle prepared in advance.

It was just when Hercules, holding the bottle in his hand, was about to bring it to his mouth...

"Aren't you drinking too much?"

Hargan, sitting across from him, spoke.

Hercules's hand stopped.

"I have no forgiveness."Findd new tories on nov/e(l)bin(.)com

A brief silence.

"I'm sorry."

Hercules, who had spoken the same word twice in a different way, lowered his head.

He wasn't drunk. Hercules's alcohol resistance wasn't weak enough to get drunk with that amount of liquor. No, maybe he would never get drunk at all.

Despite that, Hercules was more affected by remorse than at any other time.

"I'm sorry."

"Why are you apologizing so much?"

"Because I took it from you."

"Originally, it was yours. It was planned from the beginning."

"Who decided that? Just because our father planned it that way doesn't mean we have to live according to that fate. Just because it was your choice to give me the Lightning Bolt, I accepted it; otherwise, I would never have accepted it."

"Thank you for thinking that way."

Hargan said this and smiled slightly. While Hercules drank alone, Hargan lifted his bottle and toasted with him.


The clear sound echoed as the bottles collided. It was then that the heavy atmosphere in the bar eased.

The buzz returned to the bar.

Hargan smiled as he wiped his mouth stained with liquor with the back of his hand.

"I think everyone has been watching us."

"That's right."

"So take it easy."


"And contrary to what you think, I am satisfied."

Hercules, who was about to drink slowly according to Hargan's concerns, stopped.


What could there be to be satisfied about after losing the power of the Lightning Bolt?

"First of all, haven't we become quite close? You're my idol."

"Don't be satisfied with that. We would have become close at any time, even without this method."


With an expression as carefree as ever, Hargan laughed foolishly.

In the face of Hargan's reaction, Hercules seemed perplexed.

Hargan aimed to become the King of Olympus. And, for him, the Lightning Bolt was an indispensable force towards that goal.

Having lost it, Hargan would probably feel disheartened. However, his current reaction was unexpected.

"Indeed, there is still much to do."

"What is left?"

"The Lightning Bolt, I mean."

Hercules's eyes widened.

To the implicit question in his eyes, Hargan responded casually.

Not everything was lost. But maybe because I had the Lightning Bolt for so long... or maybe because it left its roots inside me. It's still here."


The clenched fist rose on the table. It was an act emanating determination.

"So, I can become strong again."


And towards that Hargan...

"You'll become stronger than before."

Hercules, who finished drinking the remaining liquor, said with determination.

"Because I will make you strong again."

The corners of Hargan's mouth lifted.

"I've been waiting for those words."

Firee, firee~

The Sun Chariot, running swiftly, stopped for a moment in the sky.

Due to the Sun Chariot appearing, spitting out blazing flames, the world that was darkening briefly lit up.

YuWon looked down from the 99th floor. The 99th floor had a more unique structure than any other world YuWon knew.

'Is this place developed, or is it lagging behind?'

The most developed world was the segment of the 60th floor, where Asgard was located. In this Tower, the formula was almost like an ancient law: the stronger the present Guild, the more development it would have.

Perhaps that's why the 99th floor had a peculiar structure.

It was a world intertwined with the interests of various giant guilds like the Celestial Realm, the Devas, and Heaven.

Perhaps for that reason.

The view from the 99th floor, seen from the sky, showed skyscrapers squeezed in the middle of a wasteland and an unexplored forest.

It was as if there were skyscrapers in the Murim World where science and magic had not developed.

YuWon arrived at that world and opened the Kit again to confirm the message.

[Bull Demon King: 99th Floor, head towards the end of that world. The direction is northwest.]

A message indicating the direction.

YuWon covered the Kit with that message and pulled the reins of the Sun Chariot.

'The end of the world on the 99th floor... no wonder that guy couldn't find it.'

No matter how fast Son OhGong is, exploring this vast Tower would be an impossible task.

Especially when it comes to the final corners of the worlds, there would be nothing beyond, so it wouldn't be strange not to explore further.

'But how does that guy know the location of the Celestial Floor?'

The question didn't last long.

With the Sun Chariot and a destination in mind, the time to get there wouldn't be so long.

YuWon pulled the reins of the Sun Chariot and headed straight to the place pointed out by the Bull Demon King.

There were no exact coordinates, but with a means of transportation like the Sun Chariot, the Bull Demon King would surely notice it and come by himself.

YuWon raised the flames as high as possible, releasing a thunderous energy as he began to move.

So, in about ten minutes.

While the Sun Chariot ran, a black wall began to appear in YuWon's view.

"Now, this is the end."

The flames of the Sun Chariot gradually weakened.

There was no way to break through that wall in any way. If it collided at this speed, the Sun Chariot would crumble to pieces.


-Just keep running.

A voice echoed in YuWon's mind. YuWon, who was slowing down, looked around.


No, this was a bit different from telepathy.

A voice transmission through magic. In a brief moment, the voice of the Bull Demon King made YuWon start to conflict with himself.

'If I destroy this, I'll only be able to look at Apollo with shame every time I see him.'

YuWon had many points, but destroying the Sun Chariot would be a burden even for him.

Even so, the thought didn't last long.

The Bull Demon King wouldn't say nonsense.

'It's just a small issue. I'll just ask Zeus to help me.'

Like your son is very angry, could you calm him down?

['Heart of Fire'] adds flames to ['Sun Chariot']

['Holy Fire'] adds flames to ['Sun Chariot']

With that thought, YuWon increased the speed of the Sun Chariot.

Thus, when the running Sun Chariot collided with the end of the world...


The world YuWon saw changed.


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