Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 68 A Stray Dog

Chapter 68 A Stray Dog

Ivan watched the house elf disappear from his sight, it seems a cat is not completely useless, at least its hiding ability is excellent.

Almost all Animagi are hiding masters, look at Peter Pettigrew, he has hidden in the Weasleys home for twelve years, you have to at least admire that.

Ivan suddenly heard a loud noise coming from the trash can behind him, something was coming out of it.

He hastily jumped back a couple steps, if it is a stray cat what should he do.

But what came out of the garbage can was much worse than a stray cat.

Ivan saw a black dog emerge, it looked at Ivan with its two eyes.

In the dimly lit alley, a black cat and a black dog were looking at each other.The two sides looked at each other for about three seconds each side showed an extremely human look on their face.

Ivan realized immediately that the other side was not a stray dog but Sirius Black.

His luck is really good, he hides behind a trash can and out pops Sirius Black who the Ministry of Magic hasnt even been able to find.

Just like Ivan realized who he was, Sirius Black immediately realized that the black cat was an Animagus, he gave Ivan a ferocious look and growled twice.

The atmosphere was tense, Ivan felt a hint of danger.

His muscles were tense before he could even react, Sirius ran away.

The other side escaped, Ivan froze for a moment, he realized what just happened, he soon chased after him.

A cat was chasing a dog in a dimly lit alley in London, what would other people think if they saw this strange scene.

The two people were fast, much faster than ordinary cats and dogs.

Ivans black cat form was powerful he only needed to lightly push on the ground before he lept over a meter, he quickly shortened the distance between him and Sirius Black.

Sirius Blacks endurance was better than Ivans but twelve years in prison and one month of hiding will take a toll on someone.

Ivan had a wry smile, he forced the other one into a dead end.

Sirius Black cautiously stepped back, he had nowhere to retreat to, he bared his teeth, his growl grew louder, he stared at Ivan. He paused for a while before he made up his mind and rushed toward Ivan.

Not anticipating that the other party would suddenly dash toward him, Ivan jumped back a meter.

He suddenly realized that he did something stupid, why did he chase Sirius Black.

He wants to talk to the other in human form, maybe make a plan to catch Peter Pettigrew and let this years events resolve smoothly.

But he doesnt have any mana left, he cant transform back into a human within a short time, seeing that Sirius Black kept getting closer and closer made Ivan constantly step back.

The atmosphere became tenser, Ivan weakly meowed, Blacks footsteps did not falter but became more vicious.

He was unable to communicate with him so Ivan decided to turn and flee.

He could feel Sirius Black chase him so Ivan had to speed up. When he turned and ran through a garden he saw a figure holding a huge box on the dimly lit corner.

Ivan was surprised when he came closer he realized who it was.

Harry was unable to stand, he was trembling all over, he just made Marjorie Dursley inflate like a balloon but she shouldnt have insulted his parents.

He knew from his friend Ivan that his parents died fighting Voldemort. He was so proud of his parents, they died protecting him. So he doesnt regret using magic on her.

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He took his things, walked a few block, and now he is in the dark Muggle world with nowhere else to go.

Worst of all he had just used magic which meant he was almost certain that he will be expelled from Hogwarts. He knew he had severely undermined the law that restricts the use of magic by minors so the Ministrys response failed to surprise him.

What should he do now, he asked Hedwig to send a letter to Ivan maybe he should go to the others home since its near here. But Harry hesitated immediately, he didnt want to get in trouble with Ivan since he was almost certain he will be expelled.

Harry looked down at his wand in his hand and if he was destined to be expelled then a little magic wouldnt hurt. His suitcase had his fathers invisibility cloak, if he cast magic on the suitcase to make it lighter and then strap the suitcase on his broom, he could cover himself with the cloak and fly to London to take out all his money from Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

Then he can go exploring!

The idea was terrible but he couldnt sit on the curb all the time or he would have to explain to the Muggle police why he was on the street at midnight with a suitcase full of spell books and a broom.

After about a minute Harry made up his mind, he opened his suitcase and looked for the invisibility cloak.

He suddenly felt someone or something was approaching him.

Lumos whispered Harry, a small pale white light was produced by the end of his wand.

In the next second, he saw a small, pure black kitten rush at him, it hen jumped into his arms.

Chapter end

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