Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 42 Christmas Presents

Chapter 42 Christmas Presents

They didnt mention what happened in the library to Harry but everything that happened spread like wildfire.

Now almost everyone is dodging them.

It is like they have grown fangs and they are dripping poison.

On Monday morning, while Ivan, Harry, and Hermione sat together, people were whispering and pointing fingers at the three.

Its funny but Im sorry about what Ron did, said Fred as he walked over

Yeah, Harry followed George, You make everyone terrified and this is what Snape has always wanted.

This isnt funny!

Ivan was now in a horrible mood, in addition to being questioned, the Hogwarts Magic newspapers sales have lowered even more.

Cheer up, Ivan, said Fred as he patted Ivan shoulders, our items are also selling poorly, but there isnt anything we can do.

In this difficult time, we need a little laughter, said George.

After they finished breakfast, Fred and George came in front of Harry and shouted: Give way to the heir of Slytherin, the most wicked Wizard!

This isnt funny, said Percy with an angry look.

Get Percy, Harry is tense, said Fred

Yes he will go to the Chamber of Secrets and drink tea with his toothless servants. laughed George.

This is what Fred and George considered a joke, Ginny wanted to stop them.

Harry doesnt mind, at the very least, the twins think it was ridiculous to think he was Slytherins heir.

But their antics seemed to have angered Draco, each time he saw them doing this, his face looked like he was going to kill them.

When they went to see Ron in the Hospital ward, they told him about everything that had happened.

Ron seemed to have recovered well, Ron said, You know how much Malfoy hates others outdoing him in any way, now Harry you know.

It wont be long before the Polyjuice potion is done, said Hermione in a satisfactory tone.

I wish I could leave, but Madam Pomfrey has insisted that I stay here until the end of Christmas.

Dont worry we will stay with you Ron

After three days the semester will be over.

Given what has happened most of the wizards have chosen to go home. The snow inside the castle was mostly untouched by anyone.

This caused Harry to let out a sigh of relief, he was free to walk around without anyone messing with him saying he the heir of Slytherin. Ivan has also stopped his research, he still hasnt found a spell to reproduce the crow of a rooster, what was even worse was Hagrids rooster was almost dead.

Hagrid said that either a fox or a vampire was attacking his Rooster.

Hermione insisted that it was weird, he didnt know if she had noticed anything as of yet.

In the morning when they went to visit Ron, they saw several people discussing things related to the Chamber. After lunch, Ivan and Harry practiced dueling while Hermione went to the library to read a book.

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Except for a few of them, Colin, Ginny, Fred, and George stayed at school, they were making a snowman outside the castle.

Percy didnt care about the students behavior, he often went to the school hospital.

Ron was surprised that he was so concerned about him since he came to the hospital to see him more than anyone else, even though Ron had little to say to him.

Percy was frequent to the school hospital and he proudly told others that he stayed for Christmas only because he was an excellent student, and helped the teachers during this turbulent period and watching Ron kept him from getting into trouble.

At dinner, Ivan saw Malfoy with his two lackeys Crabbe and Goyle but he was surprised to see that Justin actually stayed for the holiday.

Justin looked horrible, he looked even more so after he saw them, it looked like he was still worried that Harry was going to attack him.

Harry wanted to apologize but he has never succeeded.

When Justin saw Harry approaching he took a few slice of bread from the table and ran out as fast as he could which made Harrys mood become terrible.

The next morning Ivan was awakened by Colin.

Ivan, thank you for giving me a magic camera, it must have been expensive! shouted Colin in a surprised tone.

Ivan saw Colin sitting on his bed while opening his gifts, he seems to have a few in front of his bed too. His parents ordered him a Nimbus 2001 it seems they want him to participate in sports. (Note: who forgot he had parents because I did.)

Colin gave him a picture of everyone standing together that has helped with the Hogwarts Magic newspaper.

Lockharts gift was also a picture, but it was a signed picture of Lockhart, Ivan was prepared to give it to Hermione. Hagrid gave him a large thing of fudge but it was almost as hard as a rock.

Ron gave him a book called How to Better Manage a Magic Newspaper, and Harry and Hermione sent him a book to, Basic rules of Quidditch and The secret of Duels: A detailed list of spells. it seems that him reading a lot has left a deep impression on their minds.

Fred and George sent some of their latest joke products to him, and as the two agreed in Diagon Alley, Ginny gave him a black diary of superb quality.

Ivan would have preferred to make a Horcrux later.

Mrs. Weasley predictably gave him a hand knit sweater with a card, thanking him for helping Ron. They had learned what happened from Dumbledore, and if Ivan had been killed by Ron, the consequences would have been disastrous.

When Ivan finally finished opening the pile of presents, Harry and Hermione had already come to the common room with the Polyjuice Potion.

The three of them went to the school hospital to find Ron and go over their plan.

After making sure there were no flaws, they decided to act tonight, and get a clear answer out of Malfoy.

Chapter end

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