A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 13 The First Stage

Chapter 13 The First Stage

After walking for 15 minutes he left the city and headed east towards Oxfair town. , Archer decided to use the trees to rest since it’s a three day walk to town. , The town borders the Forsaken forest, so it gets attacked regularly. , The path from Vassia to Oxfair town passes right through the forest. , When merchants travel through the Forsaken forest, they hire adventurers to guard them. , From what he learnt from the memories he received, the previous town mayor of Oxfair built a wall to protect it from beast attacks. , After walking for a few hours through the forest under the afternoon sun, he got tired of walking so he looked around to find a spot to rest. , He noticed a pond in the distance. , Walking towards it, he suddenly decides to work out. , Although his body doesn’t require it, he enjoys doing it to calm down his inner thoughts. , All he kept thinking about was Alexa and the little girl he saw in the nightmare. , He found a spot and started exercising while clearing his mind. , 500 sit-ups, 500 push-ups, 500 squats, and ran around the done 20 laps around the pond. , It took a while to finish but when it was over and done with he was out of breath. , He spent a second catching his breath, and that’s when he heard his stomach rumble. , Rumble!~ , Archer felt his stomach telling him to find food, he walks into the forest to hunt for his lunch. , 20 minutes later he finds 15 rabbits with horns on their heads. , They were the size of small dogs. , They had brown eyes and grey fur. , The horn wasn’t that long but looked like it would hurt you. , ‘Horned rabbits.’ , They were all bunched up eating grass. , An idea came to mind. , He raised his hand and fired an eldritch blast at them. , ‘Eldritch blast.’ , A purple beam of crackling energy streaked toward the rabbits striking the center of the group. , Most flew away, the rest exploded into chunks. , ‘Cosmic sword.’ , The black kopis appeared in his hand as he ran towards the remaining 6 dazed rabbits. , He lunged at the closest rabbit but it dodged to the side before the blade could touch it. , Archer then spun on his heels and slashed at the dodging rabbit. , Slich!~ , The rabbit dropped dead, then his senses kicked in. , He quickly dodged to the side, as a rabbit lunged at the spot where he had just stood. , Seeing the rabbit looking around, he was baffled because the human disappeared. 𝘪𝘦.𝘤𝑜, Archer raised his hand and fired a fire missile towards it. , ‘Fire missile’ , Woosh!~ , A lump of fire in the shape of a missile from Earth flew forward so fast that Archer could barely see it. , It slammed into the rabbit’s small body. The horned rabbit died instantly, smoke coming out of its body. , Archer roamed around and butchered the last four rabbits. , He was standing in the middle of the carnage with rabbit body parts and blood littering the floor. , That’s when he heard his stomach rumble again. , Rumble!~ Rumble!~ , Ignoring the complaints. , Archer approached one of the bodies and used the sword to slice open the chest. , After finishing the bloody work, he shoved his small hand into the hole and yanked out the rabbit’s heart. , Thump!~ Thump!~ , Taking the still-thumping heart to his mouth, he ate it. , Munch!~ Munch!~ , Archer finished eating the heart and felt his stomach. , It wanted more food. , He moved from body to body cutting out the hearts. After eating the hearts he stored the bodies in his item box. , After an hour of butchering 15 rabbits and eating their hearts. , He felt full and couldn’t eat and needed to sit down. , So looking around he found a small log and walked over to it. , Archer sat down and checked his status. , ‘Status’ , Experience: 350/1000 , Level Up: 13>15 , SP: 1>20 , Mana: 1110/1450 , He got excited seeing he was 5 levels away from getting his new rank, Archer figured out the experience he earned from the rabbits and their hearts. , He gained 750 experience from the kills and 1500 when he ate the hearts. , That’s when he noticed he had 20 points to spend. , He puts 5 points on HP and mana, and 2 points on the others. , HP: 390>440 , Mana: 1450>1600 , Strength: 155>175 , Constitution: 120>140 , Stamina: 130>150 , Charisma: 320>340 , Intelligence: 130>150 , Feeling refreshed as he stood up, and walked over to the pond to drink. , Archer felt much better after eating and drinking water. , Therefore, he returned to the road and continued to Oxfair. , He traveled for two days straight, sleeping, eating, and hunting. , Managing to hunt 10 forest wolves, 10 horn rabbits, and 5 slimes on his journey so far. , He didn’t save the hearts but ate them when he killed the beasts. , When he fought the wolves one of them bit him, but after killing it. , The wound healed quickly. , Since he’s gotten used to the feeling of leveling up, he doesn’t notice it anymore. , He received 1500 experience from the wolves, 500 from the rabbits, and 250 from the slimes. , Archer was baffled when he encountered slimes for the first time ever. , They were like slimy balloons, wobbling around the road. , The previous Archer saw them but the current one only saw them from memories.. , He shook his head as he checked his status. , Experience: 100/2000 , Level Up: 15>20 , SP: 0>35 .𝒎, Rank: Apprentice , 1st Evolution Available , Void Blast: 1>2 , Cosmic Shield: >2 , Cosmic Sword: 1>2 , Eldritch Blast: 0>1 , Plasma Shot: 0>1 , Strength: 165>175 , Stamina: 150>160 , Intelligence: 150>160 , Regeneration: 0>1 , Archer was very happy with the status boost he got. , Noticing that regeneration had leveled up, most likely due to his injuries. , He also ranked up and unlocked the 1st evolution, which confused him as he didn’t know what it was. , So he selected it. , 1st evolution: Activate your draconic bloodline by evolving into the 1st stage. , ”That’s interesting.” , Archer needed somewhere to evolve, looking into the forest from the road. , He made it to Oxfair in one piece but didn’t want to evolve inside the town. , That’s when he spotted a massive tree that reached high into the sky not even a mile away. , He thought the branches of a tree would be the safest place to do it, so he ran toward it. , After running for about 10 minutes he reached the tree. , Jumping up the branches like a monkey until he reached the top, he looked out over the landscape. , The forest was large, spacious, and primal. Its canopy was dominated by rowan, dogwood, and ash trees. , Allowing adequate light to pass down for a flood of sprouts to dominate the moist and fertile bottom layer below. , Quiet branches dangled from most trees, and an array of flowers, occasionally, brightened up the otherwise jade landscape. , A discord of roars in the distance, most belonged to herds of large beasts who roamed the forest. , He settled in and selected the evolution option. , Initiate 1st stage of evolution? , Yes or No? , Archer selected Yes. , After waiting for a short while he felt a heavy feeling spread throughout his body, then just after the feeling started he passed out. , Ella P.O.V. , A small blonde elf dressed in a maid’s outfit cleaned a window inside Ashguard Castle while deep in thought. , ‘It’s only been a few days since he left and it’s dragging on. I want to go join him!’ , Since Archer left she has had a lot of time to study and think about Archer. , She’s learned, Stone Spikes and Earth Dome. , It was lucky that the Ashguard family didn’t bother with the spell books in the library as they were taken as spoils of war or raided bandit camps. , In the few days Archer’s been gone, Ella finally realized she had liked the boy since the first time they met when they both were five. , But when he was an Ashguard, she had no chance of him returning her feelings. , However, now that he is free from his hateful family maybe he will accept her confession when they meet. , As she finished cleaning one window she moved to another. , She did that for an hour until the head maid Maria approached her. , ”Ella, there was a letter delivered here for you.” , The woman smiled as she handed the letter to the child. , While thanking her, she took the letter. , ”Thank you Maria.” , Ella stopped working for a while and opened the letter. , ‘To my Ella. , It’s only been a few days since I left, but I still miss you. , Two weeks after receiving this letter, check your balcony every night and I’ll be there. , Don’t write back as I won’t be in the city for a week. , I’m going to train in the forest. , Love. , Archer.” , Ella smiled as she finished reading the letter. , Putting Archer’s letter in her pocket carefully she then cleaned the windows before getting scolded for not doing her work. , After cleaning the windows she took the cleaning stuff back to the storage cupboard. , She went to the maid’s quarters to relax in her room with a happy smile on her face. , But before she got there, she noticed from a window that a Mana storm was brewing above the Forsaken forest. , Mana was swirling around creating a vortex surrounding one of the tallest trees, and that’s when a loud explosion was heard. , BOOM!~ , ______________________________________ , Ella’s status. , Name: Ella. Race: Half-Elf. Age: 13 , Rank: Apprentice. Experience: 560/2000. Level: 23. , HP: 500/500. , Mana: 800/800. , Magic: Earth-Light. , Strength: 110 , Constitution: 100. , Stamina: 80. , Charisma: 140. , Intelligence: 120. , Status Points: 0. , Spells: Minor Healing(0)Earth Blast(0)Earth Dome(0)Stone Spike(0) , Skills: Cooking(5)Cleaning(6)Night vision(-) , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord, Follow current novels on .𝒎

Chapter end

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